Shopping in London

Cards Galore
Sometimes you just need to pick up a little last-minute gift or birthday card right before jumping on the tube. At Cards Galore you can find greeting cards for any occasion, gifts, posters, candles and even the latest best-selling novel to make the ride home or to work that much more enjoyable. This is the type of store that keeps the personal warmth of an independent boutique even though it is actually a large chain store.

Strand News
For a copy of the Daily Mail or a bag of sweets and crisps/chips check out the Strand News located just by the Embankment tube stop. Here you can also pick up a pack of cigarettes or a soda to quench your thirst. Magazines and books are obviously the main feature of these stands but the selection of snacks is very satisfying as well.

Davenports Magic Shop
Whether you are into magic tricks or not this is one of the most interesting and fun shops to explore in-depth or just kill time browsing around. The Davenports Magic Shops prides itself on having the latest and greatest in small novice tricks all the way up to major illusions and professional tricks. The staff is helpful, informative, and knows almost everything about a magic trick to pass on to their customers.

Foyles Royal Festival Hall
It may sound like a grand banquet hall but it is actually an intimate, family-owned bookstore that has supplied Londoners with their favorite author’s work since 1906. Come here and feel free to spend a few hours browsing titles and thumbing through the latest comic book or novel. In fact, you may need a few hours since there are over 30,000 books and that’s not counting the magazine selection. This is one of those bookstores where loitering and lingering is highly encouraged. That’s one of the features that make this such a special place.

Australia Shop
You might not see the point of such a store but it’s a sure bet that if you are one of a million Australians in this city, the Australia Shop is the closest thing to home imaginable. Many shoppers are Londoners and tourists from all over the world, however, and this shop is a perfect example of how proud the United Kingdom is of their down-under countrymen. Everything from Vegemite and Australian meat pies can be picked up here, keeping many Aussies from suffering too much homesickness.