Transportation Around London

Visitors and residents in the Big Smoke have a myriad of different travel options open to them, including the London Underground. This subway system, often referred to as the Tube, includes part of the oldest underground railroad in the world, and is used by more than 3 million commuters on a daily basis. Tickets for the system can be purchased throughout London, either at tube stations, or by visiting an authorized merchant on one of the high streets. The system also has its own travel card, known as the Oyster, which can help make ticket management more efficient for users. 

London is also well known for its double decker red buses. The buses run throughout the city and its suburbs on a 24-hour basis. Tickets can be purchased at bus stop machines, or by paying the driver once the bus has been boarded. The buses are also compatible with the Oyster travel card. 

Both the tube and buses can be used to access some of the most iconic areas in the city. From the famed Embankment Station to Buckingham Palace, rail and bus links provide easy access to many bustling London hotspots. The system is also useful when connecting to commuter rail services and long-distance trains. 

London has an assortment of different train stations servicing other parts of the country and the Continent. The Eurostar service to Paris, Brussels, and Disneyland Paris leaves from St. Pancras International. Waterloo Station is the biggest train station in the city, handling many local and suburban trains. There are also other stations dotted across the city. 

The Tramlink is a tram system that operates in the southern portion of the city. It serves seven National Rail stations, and also connects to the London Underground. It also connects to the London Overground, one of the main suburban rail networks. 

Cycling has also become popular in the city in recent years, thanks to the Barclays Cycle Hire system that makes bikes available for rent around London. 570 stations in the city allow bikes to be easily checked in and out, making for a convenient way to see the city. This scheme is open to both residents and visitors alike, making for an interesting way to see the capital city. Furthermore, it is often more convenient than driving, since cyclists aren't subjected to traffic jams.